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CryptoBlast LLC

Where is the LLC registered?

Currently, we are registered in both Canada and the US (need link)

Who owns the company?

The company is majority owned by the co-founders.


Do you have a trademark?

Yes,  the CryptoBlast logo and name are trademarked with the United States Patent Office. We aim to expand this globally over time.


What is your strategy for retail adoption?

You can buy our product/s on Amazon here

Once a contract with a U.S. distributor is signed, they oversee rollout and marketing across the U.S.

Professional marketing will also provide more exposure to CryptoBlast.

Discussions with more distributors, retails chains and smaller stores are ongoing and will continue to always be the case.


What company are you signing with for retail product distribution?

We are not able to disclose this currently.  What we can tell you is that they have launched major brands that everyone has heard of.  They are extremely selective and we are lucky to have an opportunity to work with them. 


Who manufactures your drinks

We are not able to disclose our manufacturer currently.  We researched extensively to find the right producer in the U.S. that were able to provide us with as many cans that are needed and are able to scale up when the time is right. 

We are continuously ‘shopping’ around in order to find the very best deal for us. Lowering costs and maximising revenue is paramount to any business. 

Please be assured that our current and any future manufacturer will adhere to the strictest compliance rules and regulations.

Will there be any more flavors and/or products?

Plenty. We are currently working on more flavors and variants of the energy drink i.e. low, regular and zero sugar.

In terms of products, we can bring to market a whole host of products such as energy shots, gummies etc. However, our focus is on getting main stream exposure of our brand and energy drinks.

What is the connection to crypto and the real world?

We are fully in the belief that cryptocurrency and blockchain will be the next technological breakthrough for generations to come.

Very few real world firms have embraced the technology (although some huge household names have started to enter the space). There is a real gap in the market that CryptoBlast is looking to exploit and mark as our own.

We are ambitious, forward looking and driven to embrace the space one where our investors, holders and supports have the opportunity to get in at ground level.

By entering into a competitive but lucrative real world energy drink market, CryptoBlast is aiming to take advantage of the slow uptake on blockchain from rivals and carve out our very own niche. We will have everything existing giants in the industry have in terms of products BUT we will also have NFTs and entering into the metaverse space.


Who are your partners and what benefit do they bring to CryptoBlast?

We are opena to arrangements with other legitimate crypto projects to put their design on our energy drink cans for their community to be able to purchase from Amazon.

All revenue earned by CryptoBlast’s operations will go the CryptoBlast LLC.


Where do you see Cryptoblast in 5 years?

We see CryptoBlast online and on shelves everywhere in the world. Couple with a  strong metaverse presence will allow us to build for the next 5 years.


How can I contribute to/for CryptoBlast?

If you have serious retail and/or investor connections, we would love to hear from you. Please send us an email or reach out to us on Telegram.

Blast Force spiel here?



$CBT Token

Why Should I Buy CryptoBlast Cryptocurrency?

30% of all net retail profits will be returned to the $CBT token benefitting holders ie real world revenue from tangible products going back into crypto. We believe that this is a true buy and hold investment that will grow and not be at the mercy of the extreme volatility in the crypto market

Very few tokens have a real world utility now let alone returning the profits back to the token. Many of the tokens right now will disappear overnight, especially if regulation talks/demands continue to gather pace! We believe that we are ahead of the curve in this respect.


When will I see Net Profit rewarded to the $CBT token.

When drinks are on the shelves and we have profits with retail sales.  There will be complete transparency with net profits. Timeframe for investing back into token could be semi-annual or yearly – this is yet to be finalised.


Are there any team tokens?

No – the founders invested into CryptoBlast on the same terms as everyone else ie there was no preferential treatment given to anyone.

Have you audited your Smart Contract?

Yes. Bitrise did our audit

Several other projects have also audited our contract. No issues were found.

Why are there taxes on buying and selling $CBT?

Proceeds from purchases and sells taxes help sustain $CBT. Monies go directly into the Rewards, Liquidity and Marketing wallets.

What is the slippage to buy and sell?

If you are trading on PancakeSwap, 9% to buy and 21% to sell should work well when there is low trading volumes. You may need to increase these in times of higher trading volume.

If you are trading via EMBR, you do not need to worry about slippage as it is build into the software. 

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