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CryptoBlast Token 

Official $CBT Contract Address: 


You Can't Sell High If You Don't Buy Low

5 Reasons to Hold $CBT in Your Wallet

#1 National beverage distribution is imminent, this is the earliest opportunity to be a part of the first drink company creating a valuable ecosystem through blockchain technology.  #2 30% net company profits are returned into $CBT #3 Get rewarded passively in $ADA (Cardano) tokens just for holding.  #4 Access exclusive reward streams and giveaways through physical/crypto products #5 Holders are eligible to receive a Mythic NFT. 

$ADA Reward Token Address:


 Create a Metamask  Wallet 

Video Instructions

 Add BNB Smart Chain to Wallet

How to Buy $CBT

Video Instructions

Track $CBT Price 

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